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Diploma in Nursing Programs Near Missouri are on the rise, serving as a cornerstone for anyone aspiring to enter the healthcare field as a Registered Nurse (RN). This detailed guide aims to cover all you need to know about these programs, from the types of degrees available to the role of accrediting bodies like the Commission on Collegiate Nursing Education.

Why Choose Nursing?

Before diving into the specifics of diploma programs, let’s discuss why nursing could be the right career for you. The healthcare field offers various career paths, but nursing stands out for its blend of scientific knowledge and human touch.

Diploma in Nursing Programs Explained

Diploma in nursing programs offer foundational nursing education. These programs are generally designed for entry-level positions as Registered Nurses (RNs). The duration of these programs may vary but is often around 1-3 years.

Available Degrees in Nursing

Bachelor of Science in Nursing (BSN)

A four-year degree providing comprehensive nursing education.

Nursing Completion (BSN-C)

A program aimed at RNs who have a diploma and wish to obtain a BSN.


Designed for those planning to enroll in a nursing program.

Master’s in Nursing

For RNs seeking advanced roles in the healthcare industry.

Doctorate in Nursing Practice

The pinnacle of clinical nursing education.

Missouri State University: An Overview

Missouri State University offers various nursing programs, including:

  • Bachelor of Science in Nursing (BSN)
  • Nursing Completion (BSN-C)
  • Master’s in Nursing
  • Doctorate in Nursing Practice

Their programs are accredited by the Commission on Collegiate Nursing Education, ensuring a high standard of education.

Role of Accrediting Bodies

Accrediting bodies like the Commission on Collegiate Nursing Education and the Missouri State Board of Nursing play a crucial role in ensuring the quality of nursing education. They set the standards that nursing schools must meet to offer accredited programs.

Diploma vs. Other Nursing Degrees

Diploma programs offer foundational skills and can be completed in a relatively short time. Other degrees like BSN or Master’s in Nursing provide more comprehensive education and are ideal for those seeking specialized roles.

Specializations in Nursing

  • Adult-gerontology acute care nurse practitioner
  • Family nurse practitioner
  • Nurse educator
  • Population health (post-master’s)

The Path After Diploma: Advanced Degrees

Once you’ve earned your diploma, you may choose to pursue advanced degrees in nursing. Whether you aim to specialize as a family nurse practitioner or wish to engage in population health, a range of post-diploma options are available.


Diploma in Nursing Programs Near Missouri offer a viable starting point for those eager to enter the nursing field. With options ranging from diplomas to doctorates and an array of specializations, there’s a nursing career path for almost everyone. Aspiring nurses in Missouri can consider state universities like Missouri State University, which offers various accredited programs to suit all educational needs.

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